Thank God It’s Sunday

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You and I

I’m not gonna let you go,

I’m not even thinking of replacing you.

It’s going to be you and me,

against our flaws.

Full of joy, full of tears.

Full of love, full of fears.

I will not leave you behind

I will get you out alive.

If living is without you

then what is there to live.

I know that a goodbye,

never come from your mouth nor mine.

It’s me and my fear of losing you

that makes me more worried.

Even though I’m scared,

I want a life with you.

We have each other

and we’re learning this together.

We need each other

and I can’t make it through this life alone.


Cliff Diving at Buho Rock, Camotes


Perfect spot for beginner!

What to do when you see a high cliff? TRY jumping off a cliff!

It was the summer of 2015, our fourth stop where our tour guide brought us here at Buho Rock. A Php20 is collected as an entrance fee. We were simply enjoying the view on top and had our pictures together.

1531996_1277025498978230_2003465839509530784_n (2)10347794_1277024435645003_2979435396441687321_n

To tell you the truth, I have a fear of heights but being an adventurous person, I love to try out any extreme and adventure sports. Since, this is included in my bucket list, I keep telling myself, “I will never win something I want if I am afraid to try” (in short, no guts no glory!).

“To jump or not?”

Do you want to check-off your bucket list like mine? Try and let your fears go. Buho Rock is a perfect spot for jumping off a cliff like me. And, I’ll tell you why.
When you are on top, it seemed SO HIGH. But, when we saw a lot of tourist jumped over and over again.

And, It makes me wants to do something daring no matter how scared I am. It was the only matter of fact telling myself that I could do it. So, I got the courage to jump and dive off the cliff!

SO here!





11178216_1079443858736396_5303277107215551021_nThanks God! I finally conquered my fear of heights!

Note: No Lifeguards on duty! So safety first before everything else.

Enjoy your trip and have fun to the fullest at Camotes Island! 🙂