The answer for those who want to drive.

Yes, driving skills is not required as long as you reach the two pedals, the brake and the accelerator. For beginners or not, you are required to watch a video orientation for your safety.Go-Kart Rental Rates:

1. PHP400 per 8 laps or PHP200 per 4laps on a 600m track. You may choose single seater or two-seater kart. For those who want to avail the two-seater kart, the rate is per kart not per head. If I were you, do the single seater.
2. PHP25 for balaclava or head mask for sanitary purposes.

Wearing head mask only be like..
11020378_1051547154859400_1590269268_n.jpg 3. PHP50-100 for locker to deposit your things. Don’t worry about the rent because you can get your money back after riding the kart.

Note: Do not lost your key or else they will not refund your money.

Friendly Advice:
– The best time to ride the kart is after lunch.
– Bring your own head mask.
– Bring your own eyeglass or sun glass to avoid sore eyes. (Yeah, I got sore eyes literally after that day.)

Here’s on how to get there..

For Local Advice:
Look for a route number “03A” jeepney. Then, tell the driver or conductor to drop you off at Jollibee, F. Cabahug St. for Go-karting the moment you pay the fare. The fare cost you regular rate.

For Guidelines, here’s the link for the 03A jeepney route map.

For Non-Local Advice:
I recommend you to ride a metered taxi from where you are to Kartzone. To get to your destination here, tell the driver to drop you off at the back of Jollibee, F. Cabahug St. for Go-karting the moment you ride the taxi. Note: There are two kinds of taxi, White Cab and Yellow Cab. But, I recommend you to ride a white taxi for cheaper.

You may follow the Local Advice above if you want to try jeepney.

Kartzone is located at F. Cabahug St., Mabolo, at the back of Jollibee besides Sykes building
The facility is open daily from 10AM to 3PM from Monday to Friday. Except Holidays.
Or you may call 268-2553 for inquiries and reservations.

Don’t miss this chance! Enjoy 🙂


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