Thank God It’s Sunday



Weekend Reading

Tell me, what do you do to kill time? There are a lot of activities you can do during your free time. But, I definitely spend my free time on what I enjoy doing. So, here I am reading the story of LOVE after death this kind of weekend.

I guess, there’s no need for me to summarize the story because the back of the cover says it all. The book is really amazing and I know you wouldn’t believe me that I had read this so many times. LOL! I really admire the author so much. And, I hope Jess Rothenberg can make a series of this. And, I’m looking forward to her next book.

I supposed to share you about the story but I’ve changed my mind to not spoil anything for you guys! So, here’s the back cover of a book for you to read a teaser that gives you hints of the story behind The Catastrophic History You & Me.


In short, the story is something about what happens in the afterlife when you aren’t quite done with your life.

Have you read this book? If not, I dare you to buy this if you love to read a love story. This book is worth reading. But, I do admit there were a lot of cheesy parts but there’s a mixed emotion delivered in this story — romantic, funny, heartbreaking and moving on.

Happy Reading!


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