Thank God It’s Sunday


I know, I know! I should remain this private. But, I am I and you are you. I think it is important to be interesting more than I to keep my life private. Anyway, let me start with a short story.

I was in a relationship for 2 years and a half and I seem to be getting a lot worse by the day after seeing a picture of a girl who is kissing him on Facebook. He wants to explain, but I don’t deserve his explanation. Some mistake is an accident, but cheating and lying are not mistakes. Indeed, they are intentional choices. So, it’s better to save his explanation because what I see is what I get. Then, I tell myself this – I have to be strong and move on with my life because I know I deserve someone better.

When I finally moved on, I have changed my number and have never spoken to my recent ex since I cut off all ties including social network. I logged-in my Facebook with the new email ad and password as well and started to connect with my old friends and chat the others to have fun since my recent ex reconnected me with so many long-lost old friends. OHA! (Have you tried that?)

I decided in a weeks to switch my Globe SIM card into Sun SIM card since the majority of my friends are Sun Subscribers. There, I surrounded myself again with good friends. Those people are priceless to me because I can share and let my emotions out with them. Luckily, I met someone.

Gwiyomi! Gwiyomi! Yes, that’s him!

So, this is how our story begins – we were introduced by mutual friends (even if starting the conversation is difficult or awkward), getting to know each other, start with friendship, and kept it moving.

Right track of the road: If you want to enjoy your life, let go of everything, breath and just live. After all, healthy living is the best kind of revenge. Remember life goes on. And, you will wake up one day ready to love again. SWEAR! Don’t lose hope because everything happens for a reason.

Don’t forget to confess and let it go. Don’t worry! you can comment below as an ANONYMOUS.


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